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The Ford Tavern - Medford

Fried Chicken Sandwich


Fried Chicken, Nashville hot, jalapenos, tomatoes, coleslaw

Allergy:Shellfish Allergy Peanut Allergy Dairy Allergy Gluten Allergy Soy Allergy Seafood Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Cross Contamination OK Sesame Allergy Cross Contamination NOT OK Chocolate Allergy Egg Allergy Mango Allergy Stone Fruit Allergy Latex Allergy
Sub:Sweet Potato Fries +$2Gluten Free Bun Lettuce Wrap Sub Asparagus +$2Sub Brussels +$2Sub Mashed Pots Sub Roasted Pots Sub Side Garden Salad Sub Side Caesar Salad Sub Roasted Veggies Sub Rice +$2
Add:Add Jalopenos Add Guac +$3Add Avocado +$2Add Garlic Aioli on Side Add Pesto Aioli on Side Add Spicy Aioli on Side Add House Sauce on Side Add BBQ Sauce on side Add Buffalo Sauce on side Add Honey Mustard on side Add Mayo on side Add mustard on side
No:No Cheese No Lettuce No tomato No Pickle No Sauce No Blue Cheese Crumb No Pesto aioli No Pesto No Blue Cheese Dressing NO House sauce No Bacon No Caramelized onions
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