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Breakfast - Brunch
The Ford Tavern - Medford

Breakfast Burger


American cheese, fried egg, bacon,
tomato jam, arugula, served with tater

Temp:Well Done Medium Well Medium Medium Rare Rare
Egg Type:Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Poached Fried egg
Allergies:Gluten - Cross Contamination OK Gluten - Cross Contamination NOT OK Dairy allergy Egg Allergy Shellfish allergy Seafood Allergy Chocolate allergy garlic allergy onion allergy peanut allergy tree nut allergy Stone Fruit Allergy Mango Allergy Latex Allergy
No:No Cheese No Bacon No Egg No Tomato Jam No Lettuce No Bun
Sub:Sub Cheddar Cheese Sub Swiss Cheese Sub Gluten Free Bun
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